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Library Directory Reference


file  ltkcpp.h
 File that includes all LLRP classes and types.
file  ltkcpp_array.cpp
file  ltkcpp_base.h
 Based type descriptions for the LTKCPP library.
file  ltkcpp_connection.cpp
 Functions to communicate using LLRP messages over a socket.
file  ltkcpp_connection.h
 Class for handling two-way LLRP message traffic.
file  ltkcpp_element.cpp
file  ltkcpp_encdec.cpp
file  ltkcpp_error.cpp
file  ltkcpp_frame.h
 Classes to encode and decod LLRP binary frames.
file  ltkcpp_framedecode.cpp
file  ltkcpp_frameencode.cpp
file  ltkcpp_frameextract.cpp
file  ltkcpp_hdrfd.cpp
file  ltkcpp_platform.h
 Based types for the LKTCPP library.
file  ltkcpp_typeregistry.cpp
file  ltkcpp_xmltext.h
 Classes to encode LTK-XML.
file  ltkcpp_xmltextencode.cpp

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