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dx201.cpp File Reference

Simple test of LTKCPP that talks to an actual reader. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include "ltkcpp.h"

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int main (int ac, char *av[])
 Command main routine.
void usage (char *pProgName)
 Print usage message and exit.

Detailed Description

Simple test of LTKCPP that talks to an actual reader.

This is diagnostic 201 for the LLRP Tool Kit for C++ (LTKCPP).

DX201 controls an LLRP reader to do a very simple operation.

It is best to be sure DX10x tests work properly before trying this test. The one facility DX201 uses that the DX10x tests don't is the connection management interface (LLRP::CConnection).

This program can be tested using tools like valgrind (please see that detect memory leaks.

This program can be run with zero, one, or two verbose options (-v). no -v -- Only prints the tag report and errors -v -- Also prints one line progress messages -vv -- Also prints all LLRP messages as XML text

This is a test of LTKCPP and also a reasonable example to help people get started with LTKCPP.

Definition in file dx201.cpp.

Function Documentation

int main int  ac,
char *  av[]

Command main routine.

Command synopsis:


0 Everything *seemed* to work. 1 Bad usage 2 Could not open input file

Definition at line 89 of file dx101.cpp.

References dump(), LLRP::CErrorDetails::m_eResultCode, LLRP::CFieldDescriptor::m_pName, LLRP::CTypeDescriptor::m_pName, LLRP::CErrorDetails::m_pRefField, LLRP::CErrorDetails::m_pRefType, and LLRP::RC_OK.

void usage char *  pProgName  ) 

Print usage message and exit.

[in] nProgName Program name string
none, exits

Referenced by main().

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