LLRP Toolkit Users

The following projects have already begun using the LLRP Toolkit. Check back to find out how these projects are evolving and how they can accelerate your LLRP development.


Fosstrak is an open source RFID software platform that implements the EPC Network specifications. It is intended to support application developers and integrators by providing core software components for RFID applications. Fosstrak's LLRP Commander, which is a graphical user interface to control LLRP readers, builds on the LLRP Toolkit. Fosstrak developers have also contributed the Java implementation of the LLRP Toolkit.


Impinj (http://www.impinj.com) offers EPCglobal Gen 2 certified tag chip and reader products. Impinj is an active contributor to the LLRP Toolkit community. Impinj plans to use the libraries to develop RFID performance evaluation applications and reader test tools.



Intermec (http://www.intermec.com) offers a complete RFID product suite including readers, printers, tags, labels and inlays. As a member of the LLRP Toolkit community, Intermec is using the Toolkit binary descriptions of LLRP to build a Wireshark (http://www.wireshark.org) plug-in to decode LLRP messages including vendor extensions.



Transcends (http://www.transcends.co), a leader in RFID/Sensor Business Solutions and Software, and lead contributor to Rifidi® (http://www.rifidi.org) is also a key member of the LLRP Toolkit project. As part of the effort to create a complete toolkit Rifidi developed a Virtual LLRP Reader in the Rifidi Emulator product that conforms to the LLRP specification and a LLRP Middleware Sensor Adapter in the Rifidi Edge product. This will provide users a better understanding of LLRP based readers and provide ways of using the Toolkit with a Virtual LLRP reader. Transcends is also a key user of the the LLRP-Java bindings by integrating it into Rifidi's LLRP Virtual Reader and contributing testing and development efforts towards its further evolution.


University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas (http://www.uark.edu) is the developer of TagCentric -- an agent-based RFID middleware platform. TagCentric in its current form aids the user in gathering tag data from multiple heterogeneous readers and depositing that tag data into a user-specified database; a real-time display of the tag data is also provided. TagCentric is using the LLRP Toolkit to provide support for LLRP devices, enabling a standard protocol for the control of RFID readers and the collection of tag information.