Interface Summary
LLRPEndpoint The LLRPEndpoint interface needs to be implemented by any class that wants to receive LLRP messages asynchronously.

Class Summary
LLRPAcceptor LLRPAcceptor implements a remotely initiated LLRP connection.
LLRPBinaryDecoder LLRPBinaryDecoder decodes incoming binary LLRP messages to LLRPMessage objects.
LLRPBinaryEncoder LLRPBinaryEncoder encodes LLRPMessage objects to the LLRP binary format.
LLRPConnection LLRPConnection represents an abstract interface for an LLRP connection at a LLRP reader or client.
LLRPConnector LLRPConnector implements a self-initiated LLRP connection.
LLRPIoHandlerAdapter LLRPIoHandlerAdapter defines abstract methods that need to be implemented by any LLRPIoHandlerAdaptor implementation in addition to the methods defined by the Apache MINA IoHandler interface.
LLRPIoHandlerAdapterImpl LLRPIoHandlerAdapterImpl is the default implementation of the LLRPIoHandlerAdapter.
LLRPProtocolCodecFactory Codec Factory for LLRP protocol

Exception Summary
LLRPConnectionAttemptFailedException LLRPConnectionAttemptFailedException is thrown whenever a connection with the reader could not be established

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