Package org.llrp.ltk.types

Interface Summary
LLRPEnumeration LLRPEnumeration for parameters that allow only certain values.

Class Summary
Bit A single bit
BitArray Array of bits
BitList List of Bits - length not encoded!
BytesToEnd List of Bytes of unbound length.
BytesToEnd_HEX BytesToEnd in HEX format.
Integer96_HEX 96 bit Integer encoded in HEX Format
LLRPBitList A list of bits used for binary representation of messages.
LLRPMessage LLRPMessage represents an LLRP message in LTKJava.
LLRPNumberType Super Type for all numerical types!
LLRPParameter Representing an LLRPParameter uniquely identified by its type number.
LLRPType super type for all types in LLRP.
SignedByte 8 Bit Integer
SignedInteger Signed 32 bit Integer
SignedIntegerArray Array of 32 bit integers - length encoded as first 16 bits in binary encoding
SignedShort 16bit signed Short
SignedShortArray Array of 16 bit signed shorts - length encoded in first 16 bits of binary encoding
TLVParameter TLVParameter have type values from 128 to 1024 TLVParameters encode the length of a parameter when encoded.
TVParameter TV Parameter do not encode length as the length is implicitly given by the type TV parameter have type values from 0 to 127 TV Parameters encode the length of a parameter when encoded.
TwoBitEnumeration Enumerations that can hold 4 values (2 bits) at most
TwoBitField TwoBitField - a field consisting of two bits
UnsignedByte unsigned 16 bit short
UnsignedByte_HEX unsigned 16 bit short
UnsignedByteArray Array of unsigned bytes.
UnsignedByteArray_HEX Array of unsigned bytes encoded in HEX Format.
UnsignedInteger Unsigned 32 bit Integer
UnsignedInteger96 Unsigned 96bit Integer
UnsignedIntegerArray Array of unsigned 32bit integers.
UnsignedLong Unsigned Long
UnsignedShort unsigned 16bit short
UnsignedShortArray Array of UnsignedShorts - length encoded with first 16 bits in binary encoding
UnsignedShortArray_HEX Array of unsigned shorts encoded in HEX Format.
UTF8String Strig with UT8 Encoding!
UTF8String_UTF_8 String in UTF8 Format

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