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example1.cpp File Reference

Simple example of LTKCPP that talks to an actual reader. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include "ltkcpp.h"

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int main (int ac, char *av[])
 Command main routine.
void usage (char *pProgName)
 Print usage message and exit.

Detailed Description

Simple example of LTKCPP that talks to an actual reader.

This is sometimes called the "LLRP Hello World" program

The steps:

This program can be run with zero, one, or two verbose options (-v). no -v -- Only prints the tag report and errors -v -- Also prints one line progress messages -vv -- Also prints all LLRP messages as XML text

Definition in file example1.cpp.

Function Documentation

int main int  ac,
char *  av[]

Command main routine.

Command synopsis:


0 Everything *seemed* to work. 1 Bad usage 2 Could not open input file

Definition at line 171 of file example1.cpp.

References usage().

void usage char *  pProgName  ) 

Print usage message and exit.

[in] nProgName Program name string
none, exits

Definition at line 253 of file example1.cpp.

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